Criminology and Mobile Devices Technology


‘Η σημαντικότητα των κινητών συσκευών για τον τομέα της Εγκληματολογίας, ως μέσο αποθήκευσης και παροχής αποδεικτικών στοιχείων’

Interactive Multimedia, Master’s degree from Cyprus University of Technology  in academic period 2012 -2015.

Master’s thesis: Criminology and Mobile Devices Technology


The following study mostly focuses at the correlation of mobile devices with the research
department of Criminology. This study aims to scientifically research and prove or disprove
the statement that mobile devices can be used as source of evidence and as means of safety
for the users. Data will be collected through the use of scientific research methods for the
department of Criminology, as means of saving and providing evidence.
Through literature review, the reference to the relevant phraseology was completed. Two
main areas were studied, Criminology and Mobile Devices Technology, resulting to combine
the two. Both share the way of using them and their effectiveness, as source of evidence.
Which the can improve the current research in Criminology. Due to the increasing use of
Mobile devices, they are in a position to record important data. When they are connected to a
network, then the data that are recorded are even more important, as they are in a database
and easily transferable. In cases of emergency, the users have the opportunity through their
mobile device to inform the right persons by sending them the needed information.
After the above, there was a review on the accessible multimedia systems that offer tools for
the collection and analysis of digital data, through mobile devices. There was also a review at
accessible applications for mobile devices that target in user safety in cases of need. The
above searches had the aim of studying the existing technology and its usage. A list was
created with the most appropriate and useful multimedia systems, which was the result of the
whole procedure.
Mobile devices can be useful as sources and present new opportunities to modern
Criminology. The ability of the user to assist her/himself directly and effectively, is an
advantage, that relates to the usage of mobile devices today.
Part of the study was the review and study of the usage of mobile devices, as a source for
evidence and way of providing additional protection. Data for the review was collected using
a questionnaire and observation that was translated to quantitative data, important questions
regarding the usage of multimedia systems through mobile devices. With the completion of
the review, there were data about this different usage of the mobile devices, and if it is
effective to the population of interest.

The correct dissemination of information regarding these abilities of mobile devices, in
combination of the correct usage can add to the existing uses of the device, as well as its use
for safety. The use of mobile devices is frequent in modern society, especially of young
person’s that might encounter danger. Educating with the information to result in the use of
mobile devices for research as source of evidence in criminal cases and also as a means for
immediate assistance and protection