Impossible Magnets

Μαγνητάκια παντού! Απίθανα μαγνητάκια καθώς επίσης και animated magnets,  της σειράς : s ”souvenirs from places you’ll never visit” σύμφωνα με τους δημιουργούς τους, Miguel Sousa aka Heymikel, Snack Studio, Martín Feijoó & Sara Enríquez.

”We all love to travel. And from each new place we visit, we always bring home something to remind us of it. But how can we get a souvenir of a place that we’ve only visited in our imagination?
That’s why we created “Impossible Magnets”, a series of magnets inspired by places we have been to only in movies, books, comics, videogames, mythology and even cartoons, all with an eye-catching visual identity and the same graphic consistency.” 

Μερικά animated μαγνητάκια της σειράς:

Διαθέσημα Μαγνητάκια: εδω

Πηγή: εδώ

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