Vespa Club Limassol – Xmas event


Solar Farm

3D Static Renders Company: Scritto Graffito Solar Farm, Student Project DiMincheva | 2013

Sad Banana?

    Είναι δύσκολο να βρέις λυπημένη μπανάνα It’s hard to find a sad banana Optimi Project | 2014

Creative Friday

    Creative Friday Social Media Image Scritto Graffito DiMincheva | 2013

Volunteer – TEDx Limassol


Book presentation Poster

Book Presentation


Charity Bazaar

    Charity Bazaar Poster DMincheva | 2014

poster charity

Second Life Charity Event

Space Apps Nicosia

  Event: NASA Space Apps | Nicosia, Cyprus Client: Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation 2014 Event Info: The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation is organising the first Cypriot “Space Week” which will take place during the 7th – 13th of April 2014. Our aim is to promote space exploration with various events and activities, leading up to … Continue reading Space Apps Nicosia

Wedding Invitation [GR]

              Wedding Invitation [GR] Κυριάκος & Ντεσισλάβα DMinheva | 2014 Hey, to see my full portfolio please follow this link . Thank you

Stereoscopic Interactive App

  Stereoscopic Interactive App To  check the weather Cyprus University of Technology | 2014 Master: Interactive Multimedia | Virtual Reality Class Team: Domna Michael, Desislava Mincheva, Georgia Spyrou and Theodosia Kyriakou — Testing Stereoscopic Interactive App To  check the weather Cyprus University of Technology | 2014 Master: Interactive Multimedia | Virtual Reality Class Team: Domna … Continue reading Stereoscopic Interactive App

Radio Show – Τα happια μας

      Ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή : “Τα happια μας” Radio Show :  “Τα happια μας”  ( Our Happy Drugs) Optimistic Radio Show Every Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00 with Leuki Demetriou http://www.cut-radio.org 95.2 fm (Limassol, Cyprus)


Branding Design The Access Box Educational supplies · Audiovisual equipment · Equipment services & supplies The Access Box DMincheva | 2015  

She said ‘YES’ ( Maid of Honor)

  She said ‘YES’ (Maid on honor) (Πρόσκληση για την κουμπάρα) Special invitation for special person DMinheva | 2015

Nicosia monument

Check in: Nicosia

Wedding Invitation [GR]

Wedding Invitation Michalis & Anna 02.05.2015

optimistic quote lao tzu

Lao Tzu Quote – Optimi Project

happiness Is AChoice


Wedding gift card

Wedding gift card 🙂 #craftholic #diy DMincheva | 2016

Wedding wishing card [GR]

Wishing card – Wedding DMincheva | 2016

Vintage pattern

CV Design


from Cyprus with love

“From Cyprus with love”, personal souvenir project. Handmade milky box.  

Charalambos Xenofontos

Zoe Koronidou


Check-In: Paphos

Check in: Paphos Castle DMincheva 2016


Branding Design Lily’s Handmade knitting crafts · Lily’s DMincheva | 2016


The fort DMincheva | 2016

Cypriot traditional tsesto (τσέστο)

Christmas Gift Tags

Out Christmas tags | 2016  

Season’s Greetings

‘May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.’ Season’s Greetings D.Mincheva | 2016


  Logo Proposal DMincheva | 2016  

J Letter

  Alphabet Illustration DMincheva | 2016

Little Traveler

Diamond Style

Romantic illustration Diamond Style DMincheva | 2016

Add your phone

Add phone Screen Illustration D.Mincheva | 2017

Wedding Signs (BG)

Craft Beer

  Logo Suggestion

Rainbow Themed Christening

Усмивка <3 Smile

Всички се усмихват на един и същи език

Vespa Illustration (WIP)

Work in Progress   For our special day 🙂 Vespa Illustration DMincheva | 2017

Alexi’s Christening [BG &GR]

  Aliexi’s Christening Invitation DMincheva | 2017 Bulgarian & Greek text

Branding re-Design

      To re-design the current image based logo to vector based logo. DMincheva | 2017  


Illustrations #3

  Church Illustration:      

Adventure Combi

  Adventure Mood DMincheva | 2017 Detail: Theater Poster

Saint George Hall

Saint George Hall,

Handwritten Name Tags

Handwritten Name Tags Dinner Sitting Plan

No Halloween events

Halloween events search modal DMincheva | 2017

Sign Up

Sign Up Screens Application User Interface DMincheva | 2017

Handmade with love

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle  

Hand made Sweets maker

Handmade for you DMincheva | 2017

Snowflake Themed Christening

“Be As Unique As A Snowflake: Embrace All Your Dimensions” ― Viola Shipman, The Charm Bracelet Snowflake Themed Christening DMincheva | 2017

App (rave)

DMincheva | 2017

Translate – On-boarding

DMincheva | 2017

Purple Themed Wedding Stationery


Butterfly Themed Christening

Butterflies are a breath of beauty fluttering by, they are mystery chronicled upon the wing, they bring forth the grace and wonder of this world to our eyes every day. K. D’Angelo          

Bulgarian Traditional Dancers

      Bulgarian Traditional Dancers ‘Sovatchii’ Folklore Dance Team DMincheva | 2016

Basketball team logo


Mini Cooper Themed Christening

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. -Oprah Winfrey          



Cute Elephant Themed Christening

“Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole.” – Samuel Richardson  

Nail Artist Business Cards

MuMuLait Logo (draft)


Social Media Banners

Bachelorette Party

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.  – Elbert Hubbard

Vintage Kodak

Vintage Kodak Camera Illustration DMincheva | 2018

Savvas and Desislava

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.– Aristotle

Filios & Panagiota Wedding Invitation [GR]

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”-Coco Chanel

Custom Weeding champagne glasses

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”-Coco Chanel

Maid of honor , tumbler

Glitter Star Themed Christening

“Each star is a mirror reflecting the truth inside you.” ― Aberjhani Christening Invitation, DMincheva | 2019

Coralia’s Christening Invitation

“The smaller the creature, the bolder its spirit.” ― Suzy Kassem Graphics and Mock up: Freepik.com

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